Whether you're an executive looking to make a striking first impression, or a high school student going to prom, a limo service could make all the difference. But choosing the best limousine services can be tricky. 

Fortunately, there's a family-operated limousine service that's been chauffeuring clients since the 1920s: Harrington Limousine Service. This reliable team of drivers offers a wide variety of vehicles to meet your needs.

 Let's explore the services this company offers and why choosing them for your next event or business trip might be a fantastic idea! 

Why Choose a Professional Limo Service? 

Before we delve into the many services you can choose from, we'll need to answer the question, "Why choose a professional limo service?" 

There are quite a few reasons why you might choose to hire professional limousine services. For example, you might choose to hire a limousine and chauffeur to: 

  • Transport you to and from the airport
  • Help you make a great first impression on colleagues
  • Shuttle you around town
  • Make your special event a little more exciting
  • Travel in style and luxury
  • Avoid subpar rental cars

 You can reserve a limousine for specific days and times or hire one by the hour. This flexibility ensures that clients get the services they need without overpaying for unnecessary frills. 

Remember, rental vehicles are typically leased by the day or month, not the hour. If you need occasional luxury transport services, choosing a professional limo driver could be the more affordable solution

Choosing to ride in a limousine or luxury vehicle is also a great way to stay safe and healthy while traveling. After all, limousine companies go above and beyond to clean and sanitize each vehicle between uses. 

Even better, a limousine could get you to your destination far more quickly and smoothly than other forms of transport. If you need to arrive on time, a dedicated driver can help.

Special Occasion Transportation     

You may want to choose a professional limo service to make your special occasion truly unforgettable. After all, the arrival of a stretch limousine can get anyone's heart racing with excitement! Adding a limousine service to the following special events could be a great idea: 

  • Birthday Parties
  • Romantic Date Nights
  • Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties
  • Engagement Celebrations
  • Girls' Night Outs
  • Wedding Events
  • Theatre Nights
  • Graduation Parties
  • Sweet Sixteen Celebrations
  • Prom Night

 As you can see, there are tons of options when it comes to special occasion chauffeur services. You could choose a limo to help your child ride in style to their high school prom or to surprise your partner before a romantic date.

 If you're traveling with a group of people, a limo might also be the ideal option. Stretch limousines are exceptionally spacious and can transport multiple people. This makes them ideal for group outings as well. 

Of course, you don't need to be headed for a party or celebration to take advantage of limo services. Executives and business professionals can also reap the benefits of using a professional limo driver. 

Corporate Travel 

If you're an executive or business professional, you may want to skip the rental car pickup and dropoff and choose a limo service instead. After all, not all rental car companies offer high-quality luxury sedans.

 Additionally, some vehicle rentals may not be properly cleaned and sanitized before usage. But professional limousine services are always tailored to meet the needs of professionals.

 You could choose to have a driver greet you at your gate or pick you up from the airport's curbside pickup area. Remember, arriving at your meeting or conference in a limo or luxury sedan can make a great first impression.

 Moving up the corporate ladder or maintaining your current position often requires a little finesse. If you don't look like a business professional, you may struggle to make a positive impression on your contemporaries. 

But with a limo driver and service at your disposal, you could turn heads and earn a little extra respect from your colleagues. Executives could also open a corporate account and keep track of your travel expenses and needs.


Shuttle Service 

If you're staying in the hotel where your conference is taking place, you could also choose a limo service for airport shuttling. Just as with standard corporate services, a shuttle service is convenient and professional. 

Choosing a limo shuttle can also help expedite your travel, as you won't need to go through the rigamarole of picking up your rental car and signing paperwork. You also won't need to wait on tenterhooks for a taxi. 

Instead, you can enjoy either a curbside pickup or a gate-side greeting. Additionally, you don't necessarily need to ride in a stretch limousine. Shuttle services include luxury sedans, SUVs, and buses.

 As such, you can choose the ideal vehicle for your airport transport. And because you won't need to wait for transport, you'll likely reach your chosen destination more quickly than estimated. So there's truly no downside! 

Let a Professional Limo Driver Transport You in Style     

 A limo service could be the perfect way to arrive at your next business conference in style and comfort. It could also make any special occasion far more memorable. Harrington Limousine Services caters to all clients.

 Be sure to consider hiring a chauffeur for your next vacation, business event, or celebration. You may also opt for a limo service when traveling to or from the airport. The options are limitless! 

Are you eager to schedule a limo service for your upcoming event or travel? If so, please feel free to reach out and contact us today for more information.

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