Wayne DeCoteau

Your Partner in Solar

Business Connects is one my most values assets for meeting new contacts to continue to grow in the Solar Industry. Check them out at www.businessconnectsnj.com

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Patricia Rubin - PM Studios, Edison

Great business group!! Very supportive, inspiring, and I am always learning something new !!!! 👍🏻👍🏻

Janet Zirpola -

I learn something new every time we meet!

Bobby Reyes - Rey Workshops

Awesome group of caring professionals. I continue to glean lessons from this team!

Parag Nevatia - EZ Funding Solutions

I can't say enough of this group. Jennifer Wilner and Jill Ryan are one of the best in what they do. While creating this networking platform through different chapters is unique by itself, it allows us members to meet and make new friends and business partners, whom we all learn from every week.

Bob Domino - Five Star Painting of Edison

This is an excellent group of people the member are your teammates helping you identify and address the issues to grow your business.

Sandy Klein

Thougts In Motion

I love being a part of Business Connects! I want to personally thank Wendy Kuchnicki and Jake Meola. They each sent me a referral that led to 2 new coaching clients. Whether it is in person or virtual, Business Connects, run by Jill Ryan and Jennifer Wilner, is a fantastic way to network throughout many different areas of New Jersey. I have met so many wonderful people in this group! I have developed not only great working relationships, but also great friendships.

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Doug Polk

KAD Associates: Edison

Networking for some is meeting at an event, passing out business cards collecting business cards and saying goodnight. Business Connects brings a whole new dimension to Networking. Not only do we meet new people every week and learn about their business we make new friends that become our partners in all our sales endeavors. Do not kid yourself we are all salespeople whether we are selling a service or a product we all depend on getting our message out there. Business Connects does just that connecting People and businesses together. I have been a member for about 2 years now and feel every member cares about all the members. Zig Ziglar a Motivational speaker and professional sales trainer said, “If you help enough other people reach success, you will achieve success.” I do not know who if any in the Business Connects Networking group has ever heard this, but they all understand it and practice it. Each week we learn something new in our meetings whether it is about making the perfect Apple Pie, putting our thoughts in order, or learning how to care for our loved ones financially. With impromptu lessons on using Facebook, LinkedIn and Web Talk to help increase our business. Each week brings new faces, new connections, and new opportunities. I am glad I joined Business Connects as it has helped me grow my business and has connected me with great entrepreneurs and friends. Douglas Polk KAD Associates Doug@Kad_associates.com

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