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Location-based marketing involves the use of an online and offline medium, designed to help businesses to plan and implement marketing strategies based on consumer geographic location. The system displays relevant brand messages to a highly target through their smartphones.

For instance, you might be operating your business within a highly competitive area. It might be of enormous impact when you communicate with potential customers who might be considering your competitors instead of your market. In such a scenario, you can utilize location-based marketing system like geo-conquesting. This will send bonus and discount alerts to the prospective customers when they enter in a competitor’s store located in your proximity.

Location-based marketing doesn’t only work for the more giant corporations, but also for small business. This modern marketing strategy helps SMBs attract more potential customers to their stores.

Find Out What Location-Based Marketing Is

Location-based marketing is a system of marketing that uses the mobile’s device location to detect and alert the owner about business offers from within the geographical region. Basically, location-based marketing alerts are delivered through mobile phones sent as text messages. The signals may include the latest information about a local business deal or reminders about incentive offers and discounts on exclusive sales and markets.

To effectively receive business notifications and make purchase orders through location-based marketing, you are required to opt-in through your device. The opt-in option usually takes place after you’ve downloaded a mobile app and successful install it. The most vital part is to allow your mobile app to have permission to use your device location.

The technology behind LMS utilizes geofencing, a software system that uses triggers to send an alert when your system crosses a pre-defined geographical location. The purpose of Location Based Marketing, as with any mobile marketing initiative, is to capture your attention and turn you to be a prospective customer.

Proponents applaud business alerts in the way of crossing the bridge between the online and physical customer experience and promote impulse purchase.

Why should your business Consider the Use of Location-Based Marketing Strategy?

Location-based marketing is becoming more productive and easily affordable, making it a vital tool for business marketing. The most important reasons why you should use geo-marketing campaigns are:

Help to generate more traffic

The primary aim of any marketing strategy is to create more customers. Geo-marketing can reap the same results by delivering your business products and services closer to consumers who are most interested in your products. You can develop ads or Facebook posts, which only appear to clients who you would be sharing similar zip code.

Help to group your customer easily

Geo-marketing helps to segment customers based on their interests, attribute, and activities. Location is the easiest and cost-effective way to segment members with similar interests. If you can locate where a person is, it is easier to generate a message representing that specific area, and it would be relevant to the customer.

Boosts returns

Good marketers work smarter, not harder. Hence, a good marketer will always strive to increase the market traffic by utilizing any opportunity that arises. Collecting, evaluating, and understanding your business location will help you to stimulate more engagement on your products and improve returns on your advertisement.

Ideas to Effectively Use Location-Based Marketing

Now that you already know what is geo-marketing and why it is vital for your business, how can you use it to boost your product sales?

Use location tags

Most of the social sites are known to use tags. Through tagging, social platforms such as Facebook can filter their end content to be viewed by a specific group.

Be an Active Person in your community

Technology has made it easier to reach consumers through location searching. However, there are plenty of geo-marketing campaigns that do not require technology to reach a potential audience like activism.

Want a demonstration on how location-based marketing can help you?

I know we just presented you with a lot of information and it can be overwhelming. That’s why Local Business Marketing Solutions (LBMS) has been helping local businesses, throughout the continental US, increase their online presence for over 12 years now. They have been using location-based marketing strategies for the past year and have a platform that helps them identify where your ideal customers are spending their time so they can present them with your offer(s). This state-of-the-art marketing strategy has helped numerous local businesses outperform their competition because they are more visible and are more top of mind.

If you would like to know how location based marketing can help your business outperform your competitors in your local area, request a strategy session with LBMS today.

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