At our March 15th meetup we discussed business goals. This is one of the articles we discussed. 

By Joseph Lucco for https:/ClearPoint Strategy  

Use these 18 business goal-setting tips to increase the likelihood of realizing your strategic goals 

Strategic goals represent critical or important achievements in your organizational strategy. They’re objectives to be achieved over the next three to five years, which link out to your measures and initiatives. Here are a few examples:

Balance the budget: A balanced budget reflects discipline in planning, budgeting, and management. It is typically seen in the public sector, or within divisions or departments of the private sector.

Increase share of market: This customer strategy focuses on selling to more customers, thus increasing the market share. For example, a landscape company may want to reach more households; a hospital may want to serve a greater portion of the local population.

Grow percentage of sales from new products: This objective focuses on the sales outcome your organization is hoping to achieve. It emphasizes constant innovation, even on your most successful products.

Create a performance-focused culture: This objective can be used if your organization wants to change its culture to one that focuses more on performance management or incentives. This objective shows up a lot in government and nonprofit organizations.

(See 52 additional strategic objective examples in this article.)

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