Many of us are bored with not being able to get out into the world due to the pandemic.  When can we go?  That’s a big question but we all want to know when we can travel again safely.

Most of us in the United States have been restricted for a long time now.  And we’re not alone…most of the world is dealing with the same issues.  With all of the problems the world is going through right now, lack of travel opportunities seems like a small thing to complain about.  But traveling is a big part of many of our lives.  And for practical purposes, the world economy needs travel to resume.  So many industries have been impacted by the shut down and, as a result, so many employment opportunities have dried up.

 The personal toll of the pandemic cannot be underestimated but economically, travel related industries have been extraordinarily hard hit.  

When can we travel again?  This is such a loaded question.  Some people have been traveling if an opportunity presents itself.  For instance, the resorts in the Caribbean have remained open in a limited capacity.  Each country has its own criteria to meet upon arrival…testing, quarantining, social distancing.  I know people who have had these experiences and were very comfortable traveling to these locales.  It really does come down to how much risk one is willing to take.  

No one has a crystal ball so no one can pinpoint a timeframe for a return to normalcy – or what will be normal going forward.  At this time, it would appear the latter part of 2021 should see enough of a change for us to feel better about getting out there.  Meanwhile, we will make the best of things and plan our next adventure.  Everyone needs something to look forward to! 

Most industry experts believe that here in the US, many people will feel safer taking smaller, domestic trips in 2021.  Personally, I intend to take a road trip when I feel it’s safe as a way of getting back in the game.  Later this year, I’m hoping to lead a group to Ireland – fingers crossed!   If you are beginning to think about the future, think smaller.  If flying turns you off, do something you can manage by driving or taking a train. 

Some great ideas for domestic travel  

  • Big Sur, California…dubbed the “American Riviera” …beautiful coastline with rising mountains and beautiful beaches.
  • Culebra, Puerto Rico…with beaches that rival Fiji but much closer to those of us on the east coast.  This tropical paradise is much less developed than the main island.
  • Denali National Park, Alaska…part of the national park system, Denali contains the highest peak in the US.  It’s a wonderful place for outdoor adventures and wildlife watching.
  • Key West, Florida…eclectic, this key is about 90 miles from Cuba, so the climate is tropical and more like the Caribbean than the US.  This is a great place to relax, hang out or get into the local arts scene.
  • Kauai, Hawaii…perhaps the prettiest and most laid back of the Hawaiian Islands.  Its dramatic landscape provided the backdrop for movies such as “Jurassic Park”.  From the Na Pali Coast to the Waimea Canyon, there is an amazing amount of natural beauty to take in when visiting.
  • Solvang, California…if you can’t get to Denmark, go visit this town in the Santa Ynez Valley.  Founded by Dutch teachers in 1911, everything in this town pays homage to their heritage.  Sometimes called “Little Denmark”, you can use this town as a base to explore the vineyards of Santa Ynez.

    For those who prefer not to fly, there are plenty of places to visit by car or train. For example, Savannah is a charming southern city that can be reached by train or car from the New York area. And while I’m there, I can drive a little further and visit Charleston, South Carolina. Road trips like this can be arranged from wherever you live with a little planning. And don’t forget the railways…you could take a train from New York, make a couple of changes and find yourself out west traveling through the Cascades in the great Northwest.

    During this pandemic, many people found traveling by RV to be a safe experience.  It does involve some planning but if you have the time, a nice long road trip is a good way to see more of our country.  As a matter of fact, there are routes created already where you can actually see highlights of every state.  It would require a good amount of time to do it right but what a great experience this would be!

    There are so many adventures to dream about…please peruse my digital brochures for inspiration and ideas on where to go next!  You might not feel comfortable thinking about going to Europe this year or taking a trip to South America but there will come a day when it will feel right.  One thing many of us have learned during this pandemic is to not stall on doing the things you really want to do because no one really knows what the future holds – do what you can when you can.

    As always, and especially now, it is strongly recommended you use a travel advisor (preferably me!) for your planning.  There are going to be so many changes going forward that knowing all the nuances will be difficult and time consuming.  We don’t charge for our services so why put all the planning burdens on yourself?

    Janet Zirpola, owner
    Cruise Planners, a full-service travel agency

    I am a dedicated travel professional who loves to help clients plan their vacations whether they be honeymoons, girl’s getaways or family trips. Best part of my business is I get to know people and help them select the options that are suitable for them – you work hard for your vacation and I want it to be perfect for you. When you’re ready to go, so am I…the world will be open for us again and we’re all looking forward to that!

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