Dr. Joe Hudak is practicing Chiropractor in Edison, NJ. However, being the best Chiropractor in Edison isn't all he’s known for.  He also loves offshore fishing (deep sea fishing) with his son and several of his closest friends. 

Commentary by Capt Joe aka Dr. Joe 

Striper Fishing! I freaking love Striper Fishing!  Last week the boy and I went fishing for Stripers!  If you’re new to offshore, saltwater fishing, the name STRIPER is short for STRIPED BASS.  We enjoy catching all sorts of saltwater fish, but today, we decided to make a day of catching Stripers! And the best part is, we caught our limit before 9am!! Now that’s a great day of Striper Fishing!  

We caught some big boys too!! …and we even caught some pregnant female Stripers that we safely released back into the waters!  She’ll produce some offspring for next years Striper Fishing! After we finished up for the morning, Captain Chef Jeff and the boy cooked up some of these tasty Stripers for lunch!  Mmmmm, mmmmm…so good!!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy this Striper Fishing Video! 

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