Dr. Joe Hudak is practicing Chiropractor in Edison, NJ. However, being the best Chiropractor in Edison isn't all he’s known for.  He also loves offshore fishing (deep sea fishing) with his son and several of his closest friends.

 In fact, earlier this month, Dr. Hudak decided to start his own Reality Show on YouTube! His channel is called, Catch and Relief.  It is a Realty Show where Dr. Hudak shares what life is like inside his chiropractic office and what life is like outside of it! Specifically life on his deep sea fishing vessel, BackPay.

 “Being a 100 miles off shore on my boat, the (BackPay) with my son and my close friends is a real passion of mine. There’s nothing like reeling in a 330 lbs, BluefinTuna and breaking the New Jersey State Record with a bunch of guys that love the same things you love.” Said Hudak 

When asked, “What do you love about it most?”  Without hesitation he replied, “The time I get to spend with my son.  The memories we've created together fishing for tuna, sea bass, mackerel, striped bass, fluke, swordfish, shark, bluefish and so much more, are priceless!” 

On the flip side, Dr. Hudak’s new Reality Show also highlights patient case studies. Specifically putting the spotlight on the type of care he provides to patients and results they get. 

Dr. Hudak doesn’t adjust patients the way a “traditional” Chiropractor adjusts patients. He uses one of the most precision adjusting instruments in the field of Chiropractic today. There is no twisting, popping, cracking or bending of the spine or muscles. 

His adjusting technique is gentle and precise at delivering the best results in the fastest amount of time.

 In one of his recent episodes Dr. Hudak adjusted a woman with one the worst cases of forward head posture you’ll ever see in your life. 

You could see the look of relief on her face and the corrected posture within seconds of the adjustment being delivered. It will blow your mind. 

Watch Episode 2: Fixing The Worst Forward Head Posture Ever

Chiropractor adjusting womans posture

 Be sure to check out Dr. Hudak’s Brand New YouTube Channel,
Catch and Relief New Episodes will be airing each week! 

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