Woodbridge Chamber of Commerce
Holly Church-Doyle

Share in our vision…Invest in your success.

The Woodbridge Chamber of Commerce, found in 1964, is an organization of business, industry, retail and professional people working to improve economic and civic growth in our area.  Our mission is to help our member businesses thrive by connecting them with the contacts, resources and professional development that they need.  We are an advocate  and conduit for your business interests.

We offer business services, seminars, coaching and numerous opportunities to network with other members and Woodbridge Township officials.  The Chamber of Commerce provides our members advertising and sponsorship opportunities at events, in-print and on our website.  We promote your business on all of our social media platforms.  As a member, you have the option to serve on multiple committees.  These committees are an integral part of our event success.

See our upcoming events. 

Feb 15, 2023, 12:15PM |  Making Business Bankable - Learn more here.

March 15, 5PM | Chamber Unplugges at Blue Alehouse - Learn more here.