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Strub Law, LLC
Rebecca Begelman Strub, JD, LLM - Edison Chapter Member

Wise Counsel for Wellness, Wealth and Legacy

We help fun, BUSY people protect their loved onespreserve their assets, and pursue their legacy through comprehensive estate planning. “Estate” planning may make it seem like you need to be old or rich, but it’s often MORE important to have plans in place if you are YOUNG (especially if you have young children!) and NOT RICH to make sure more limited resources are not lost or squandered. We help clients choose who will make medical and financial decisions for them and decide who they want to take care of their kids. We help our clients make sure their assets go to the right people at the right time – and no one is accidentally disinherited. And, if you are worried about the financial immaturity of anyone who you would like to inherit from you, we can help you craft a wise plan for HOW and WHEN your assets can benefit them.  

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