PC Bancard
Steve Siegal

We help merchants to offset some or all of their merchant service fees without increasing the overall rates. We eliminate credit card processing fees.

I provide Merchant Services (credit card processing) to many local merchants by offering concierge service level with competitive pricing.

PCBancard is a full service, INC. 5000 Independent Merchant Services Provider dedicated to fair, honest, and competitive business. Cliche`? Maybe. But here’s what we promise:

We will always provide merchant services you can count on. We understand that as a business owner, your business is your life and life is messy. We’re not here to tell you we’ll solve all your problems or always get it right. But we are here to stand with you in the muck, and work with you to find ways to move forward, to fight back, and to make things a little easier.

We’ve got skin in the game. And here’s a little secret: when you’re successful, we’re successful. Our success is not dependent on taking advantage of you. Hidden fees, half-truths, white lies, and other industry norms aren’t going to help anyone. As your partner, we’ll be there to cheer you on, lift you up, and help you grow.

From one business to another- we’re in this thing together.

Website - https://pcbancard.com/steve-siegal/

Email - steves@pcbancard.com

PH: 908-868-8420 (Direct)