Haunted History Productions
Jane McLaughlin

Jane was interviewed by Bernie Wagenblast of Cranford Radio for their recent Podcast. Tune in here for the 15:31 interview. 

Meet Jane aka Miss Cookie here in the Business Connects Meet the Members Interview Series!

The first HHP event was established 2008 by volunteers who all shared the same love of theatre, history and community service. That event is the Woodbridge NJ Ghost Walk and still takes place annually for 2 weekends every October with proceeds going to local township charities. ( for more info click the Woodbridge Ghost Walk tab)

Now established as a company that provides unique quality entertainment HHP has opened its doors to the public.

No matter the budget, whatever the cause, our company provides a variety of services sure to suit the most adventurous of imaginations.

Our company consists of a small cast of professional actors who can bring the show right to you through storytelling costumed characters. Although Halloween and Christmas are our specialties, with enough advanced booking we can create any original character to fit the need.

HHP also sells original scripts for organizations wishing to provide their own actors.

And don't forget about the children! Our original children's holiday package is a big hit with young minds.

Entitled, A holiday adventure... "This Ain't no OZ" is great for ages pre K through 3rd grade.

Let one of our costumed professional storytellers bring this story to life as the children learn lessons on friendship, kindness and the power of their own imagination. For an intimate theatrical experience try A holiday adventure... "This Ain’t no OZ" the possibilities are endless.

All  Haunted History productions are uniquely designed to fit the clients needs. 

Please call the number below for a phone consultation.

Website - https://www.hauntedhistoryproductions.com/

Email - JaneM.HHP@gmail.com

Number - 908-707-2026