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Like many of your neighbors, over time, you start to notice little annoying things about the paint in your home, which comes from normal wear-and- tear. The kitchen or bathrooms may need a bit of touch-up paint due to moisture, cooking and other elements. Scuff, small dents, and holes begin appearing in in the hallway wall or the once vibrant color in the bedroom has faded.

 At this time of year, when many people create resolutions for a variety of reasons, such as eat healthier, lose weight, stop smoking, or get more exercise, you can make paint project resolutions to create the vision you prefer of your home. Updating your home with popular rich paint colors gives spaces a crisp clean look. Painting provides the easiest and most affordable way to transform your living environment, create a look you will love and add real value for years to come. 

Here are some considerations to help you set up your painting project resolutions for success.

 Refinishing areas of your home with a fresh coat of paint or stain is one way to protect the materials from the elements and everyday wear. Not only that, but a fresh coat of paint can make any home or room look like new. Wood siding, trim, drywall, decks and more all need to be refinished frequently, but how often? 

How often should you paint the exterior of your house? As a rule of thumb, exterior house paint lasts 7 to 10 years. However, there are many factors that affect how long your new coat of paint will last.

 How often should you stain a deck? Decks should be refinished every two to three years.

 How often should you paint a wood fence? A wood fence should be stained every two to three years to preserve the look and function of the fence. 

How often should you pressure wash your house? Homeowners with vinyl, metal, or composite siding should pressure wash their homes once a year. If you have wood siding, we recommend you pressure wash only when you have dirt or mildew buildup, unless you use very gentle pressure to wash away pollen or cobwebs on an annual basis.

 How often should you paint your house interior? Depends on which surface and where it is in your home. Hallways and corridors should be repainted every two to three years, whereas a bedroom may only need a new coat of paint every decade. 

Make a Painting Resolutions List Whether you plan to tackle these projects yourself or hire a professional painting service, take the time to do some advance planning. Ask yourself why you want to paint and compare where is your existing home is versus your wants. Get some design and colors inspirations by looking through magazines, watching home improvement TV shows or surfing Pinterest and other websites. Write down what type of painting (interior or exterior) projects you would like to complete. Divide the projects by categories like rooms, walls and ceiling, doors and windows, trim, etc. Some factors you will need to consider include: 

  • Budget
  • Season
  • Timeline
  • Weather
  • Family/work obligations

 Prioritize the various projects by your wants/needs, budget and overall importance. Consider the impact of each project on your household, including the need to move or store furniture, or if someone may need to stay home during the span of project, if you intend to hire professional painters.

 Do-It-Yourself Paint Projects For do-it-your-self painting projects, make sure that you enjoy the journey and do not become overwhelmed by the size of your paint project list. Remember, you do not have to complete these tasks over a couple of weekends or even this year. Work through the list by components (i.e., front entrance), section or room until you have completed all your projects. Carefully decide how much time you will need to invest into each project, including preparation and clean up. 

Focus on painting one room at a time. Resist any temptation to “paint the hallway because it’s "small." Save yourself enough time to complete the project, which includes replacing cover plates on electrical outlets/switches and moving furniture and accessories back into place. Do not take on more projects than you can handle. 

When to Hire Professional Painters Even small painting projects can seem rather simple, but they too require proper preparation, execution, and skills if you want to obtain vibrant and long-lasting results. You may possess the skills necessary to achieve professional results, but your best option for the successful completion of certain paint projects might be to hire an expert. For example, if you plan to freshen up the exterior of your home, a painting services company can ensure proper surface preparation and recommend products that has aesthetic appeal and longevity for your home. In addition, professional painters have the tools and equipment necessary to perform the job faster and safely. 

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