By Sue Bannon | Color Street Senior Stylist  

Dry, cracked hands is a huge issue for some. Moisture loss from your hands is a real thing, in any season. During the cold winter season forced air heat, fire places, and less humid conditions can reduce the moisture level in your nails leaving them dehydrated. In the spring and summer seasons, outdoor activities can take their toll. Pool water, ocean water, working in the garden and sunscreen all have an effect on your skin. Excessive hand washing and the use of hand sanitizers will also rob your skin of precious moisture. Dried out nails are more likely to split, break and chip. Washing dishes is the WORST activity for your nails, so it's time to break out the rubber gloves. So, when you reach for your hand cream, which you should do often, don’t forget to slather your nails. Massaging that cream in to your cuticles will help to stimulate healthy nail growth. Applying cuticle oil before bed is the best thing you can do you for your nails, don’t have an oil specific for cuticles, a dab of olive oil works just as well.  

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