Jen: "Hello and welcome to Business Connects. I'm Jen Wilner, the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Business Connects. Today, we're at the Coffee House for our weekly Friday morning meetup. During this time, our members have the opportunity to be a speaker for up to 10 minutes whenever they choose. Today Wendy Kuchnicki was our speaker. " 

Jen: "Wendy, would you like to share what you discussed today?"

Wendy: "Of course, thanks, Jen. This morning, I spoke about power cooking. I highlighted how one can cook their protein, your grain, and prepare your vegetables to ensure they have three to four meals ready for the entire week. This way, it only takes about 15 minutes to prepare dinner on those exceptionally busy nights." 

Jen: "That sounds fantastic! If you're interested in learning more about Wendy's presentation or exploring products from Pampered Chef, including their fundraising opportunities, visit Wendy's profile on the Business Connects website at 

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