Simone Wilson-Adeleke

Drinking from a glass is the pure taste you never knew you missed.

Introducing our high-quality drinking glasses, the perfect addition to your everyday living! Made of premium, non-porous glass that won't absorb flavors or odors, ensuring that your drinks taste their best every time.

Our glasses are designed to be durable and long-lasting, a great investment for your home and the environment. Dishwasher safe, easy to clean and maintain. Setting our glasses apart is their versatility, great for everything from water to wine. With our great tasting Wines, you will not only satisfy your palette, but it will pique your curiosity to see what else we have from bottles of wine to margaritas to swag, gifts and more. 

We run a company providing customers within the communities we serve with an exceptional selection of products spanning across several categories, with a focus on drinking sets and journals.

We are on a mission to empower our customers with the option to make drinking a more sustainable process, provide them with freedom of expression, and have responsible and fun wine drinking experiences.

Who We Are

Our business model entails specializing in providing customers with an exceptional range of products spanning from drinking glass tumbler sets, to personalized mugs and wine glasses, and journals.

One of our main goals is to provide customers with top rated products that will make them stand out in life and will enable them to obtain judgement-free freedom of expression.

We strive to create products that will bring joy and bring people closer together. We are committed to providing products that are of the highest quality and that are personal, stylish, and affordable. We pride ourselves on distributing quality products and offering excellent customer service, creating pleasant and memorable shopping experiences for each customer.

What we do

About our glass tumbler sets

Our drinking glass tumbler set is a great way for customers to reduce their environmental impact. Glass is a unique material that is composed of recyclable materials, making it a great choice for sustainable drinking. The tumbler and straws can also hold hot and cold temperatures, making it perfect for coffee and tea.

About our upcoming line of mugs and journals

One of our main goals is giving people the opportunity to express themselves without needing to say the words out loud, and entails creating and distributing lines of mugs and Journals with quirky, fun, and sarcastic phrases. Our expressive products are intended to be perfect for gifting purposes and can be purchased in sets, with the same phrase and design featured on the mug and the journal.