Ms. Life Insurance

Ms. Life Insurance
Brittany Sanders, New York Life Agent

Financial Services Advisor specializing in tailored, tax preferential solutions.

Brittany Sanders, aka Ms. Life Insurance is a 2018 career success award winner, 2019 and 2020 Executive Council agent & December 2020 Centurion award recipient.

She’s also a member of both the Latino & African-American Unit markets within her company, New York Life.

Brittany specializes in Individual, Family & Business Life insurance, Business planning & Protection, Retirement planning, Tax diversification, Asset protection, Legacy planning Estate planning, and turns 401Ks into pensions.

She’s also licensed multiple states.

Her WHY is to give back to the community by educating people just like you on how to

protect themselves, their business, their assets and generate tax free income for life. She also is adamant about normalizing the conversation about setting a foundation for our youth.

Her goal is to bring hidden gems and financial resources to light.  She stated “most of my clients express being worried about either (1) what their family or children would do if they weren’t here (2) getting their children started on the right foot financially entering adulthood , (3) paying less taxes OR (4) out living their income throughout retirement.  I’m here to provide solutions and guide you every step of the way.