H2O At Home Independent Founding Advisor

H2O At Home Independent Founding Advisor
Courtney Holloway - Virtual Chapter Member

Natural Home Care, Natural Home Fragrance and Organic Personal Care

For 20 years, we’ve been revolutionizing the way we consume by consuming better and consuming less.

In 1998, French entrepreneur, Guillaume Leymonerie, embarked on a business venture with one simple idea: microfibers that allow you to clean with just water. Over the past two decades, we have brought small, but mighty eco-friendly products to hundreds of thousands of homes across the world.

For us, the most obvious and honest way to show the world our revolutionary products are through demonstration. In a time of excessive digital marketing, home parties are an inspiring social event where seeing is believing.


We put nature and humankind at the heart of our business model.

Our goal is to achieve a carbon footprint of zero through sustainable products and practices. All of our products are durable and designed to last.

We are committed to providing superior products made of highly concentrated and natural ingredients. We voluntarily submit our products to the strictest European third-party certifying bodies.

All of our personal care products meet the COSMEBIO® organic cosmetic charter, which ensures our ingredients are organically farmed and comply with strict rules to protect the consumer and the environment. COSMEBIO® guarantees that our products have:

  • At least 95% natural ingredients or derived from natural sources
  • At least 95% of plant ingredients are produced by Organic Farming
  • At least 10% of product contents are produced by Organic Farming ecocert

My website: www.myh2oathome.com/cbholloway   

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