By Desiree Daniello - July 2021

Promotional Products have had a huge impact on businesses dating back to the 1700’s and George Washington. They generate more impressions than any other form of advertising. Continue reading this article to see some amazing stats and facts about promotional products and the type of impact they could have on your business’s branding and growth.

The first known promotional products were commemorative buttons from 1789 when George Washington was president. Jasper Meek, deemed “The Father of Promotional Products” started using burlap bags to promote small businesses in 1886.  

Promotional products are ranked the most effective form of advertising across all generations. Consumers under the age of 55 prefer promotional products when asked what types of advertising they like best. 

90% of people who receive a promotional product can recall the name of the brand.  89% of consumers can recall the brand on a promotional product they received in the last 2 years.

A single promotional item averages 344 impressions per month. 

80% of people have an immediate reaction when they receive a promo from companies they’ve never heard of. 82% of people have a more favorable impression of a brand after receiving a promotional product.

The promotional product industry consists of 40,546 companies, and 489,064 industry jobs. The promotional product industry has an estimated value of $23.3 billion.

Nearly 100% of consumers say they are willing to go out of their way to get a promotional product.

Consumers are 2.5 times more likely to have a positive opinion of promotional products over internet advertising. 

60% of consumers keep a promotional product for two years. 53% of people use a promotional product at least once a week.

59% of employees who receive a promotional product from their employer have a more favorable impression of their workplace afterwards.

Bags generate the most impressions of any other product with nearly 6,000 over the time the item is used.31% of consumers own a promotional bag. 84% of baby boomers report owning a promotional bag.

Promotional mugs are more effective than radio advertising with 57% of people recalling the advertiser on the mug, and only 28% able to recall the advertiser on T.V. 90% of consumers report owning branded drinkware.

85% of people who received a promotional product did business with that company. Promotional products draw up to 500% more referrals than just a review. Adding a promotional product to social media ads increases the effectiveness by up to 44%.

Only 20% of people will throw away an unwanted promotional product. 63% of consumers pass along a promotional product they don’t want anymore.

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